Vanilla Modulation

The Vanilla Modulation is an LFO and noise generator with an integrated sample hold and glide circuit which gives you the modulation possibilities of a certain two voiced synthesiser from the 1970s.

The top section of this module has noise and square/sine LFO functions.

The middle of the module is a sample hold with signal input, trigger input, and output. The signal input is normaled to the noise output of the top section, and the trigger input is normaled to the square wave output.

The bottom section is a glide or lag processor with an exponential response. The input is normaled to the output of the sample hold.

This arrangement will allow you to grab a simple noise or LFO signal from the top, or a noise SH signal from the middle, or a gentle smooth random from the bottom, with only one cable. These three sections can be used completely independently if you wish.

This module has a physical depth of only 1 inch.

Price: $225

Lead time of two weeks.