Vanilla Mixer Kit

The Vanilla Mixer is based on the output mixer of a certain American two voice synthesiser from the 1970s. If you need a second hint, think of vanilla ice cream.

I have added a third channel, an inverted output, and normalised DC offsets to allow for a variety of voltage processing and tone shaping operations.

Vanilla Mixer is an incredibly flexible build, because you can choose which opamps, gain staging, and ac/dc coupling options two make two completely different mixers. These options are documented on the PCB itself.

The default build has a gain coefficient of 6.6:1 and an AC coupled output. This matches the output section of the two voiced synthesiser it's based on and IMHO is optimized for audio processing. If you want this to be built with DC coupling and a 1:1 gain coefficient, send me an email and I'll make it happen for you! It's a great control voltage processor that way, but it's a better audio mixer as default.

Vanilla gets a bad rap. I think that's unfair. We need straightforward and reliable modules like this in our synthesisers to build complex structures upon.

This module has a physical depth of only 1 inch.